Steve Barkle

FreshEnergy installed a 2kWp grid tied solar system on the barn of their rural block. Steve and Lyndal have just finished building their home and had previously lived in the barn. The system will now power both house and barn.

What do you like most about the system that was installed?

The power bills! We’re actually still connected to the grid so we use Meridian Energy as the greenest battery bank. We get 1:1 ratio of units. For every unit in we get 1 unit out. There’s no environmental or disposable impact.

What were your expectations before you started?

We actually wanted wind power. Julian gave us a balanced view and showed us the stats for both options then left us to make up our minds. It was great advice. He didn’t override what we wanted, he just showed us exactly what we needed.

How has this perception changed?

We might even have got the wind turbine poles free as part of a prototype trial but it would have been the wrong decision. With the weather here, the clear skies and inconsistent wind, we definitely made the right decision to use solar.

What are the 3 biggest benefits?

  1. Over wind turbines, we have less maintenance
  2. Less confrontational visual impact
  3. More suitability to our local weather

Would you recommend Julian and FreshEnergy?

I would absolutely recommend anyone to use Julian and FreshEnergy.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Julian is really balanced and non confrontational. He’s good at providing information and guiding when needed. He’s really genuine and honest.