The Able Network

Able Solar Ltd is a specialist supplier of renewable energy products for homepower applications. They have been operating from Auckland for more than 30 years.

As demand for their services has grown, Able Solar has gathered a team of experienced professionals from around the country and collectively they are the “Able Network”.  The Able Network ensures local help wherever you are.

The Able Network, is comprised of like minded Electricians and Engineers who are not just experienced professionals, but are also passionate about making renewable energy more accessible in New Zealand.

The Able Network offer:

Quality Products

  • Due to our long experience in the business we have a range of products that have been tried and tested in the New Zealand conditions.
  • We won’t always be the cheapest but we offer products that will perform and last well. And if they don’t we will sort it out.

Knowledge and Experience

  • When we design your system, our knowledge and experience ensure that this design will meet your needs, both now and in the future.
  • The Able Network are all off-grid power system specialists, the most experienced in New Zealand.

Backup support

  • When you buy from us, ongoing support is part of the deal.
  • Able Network members have differing specialty areas. We share information to ensure you get the best solution and service.