Off Grid

Off the grid alternative energySo you’ve just found out that running power lines to your new home will cost a small fortune. Or you’ve decided to break free and be independent of the National Grid. “Off the grid”, what does this really mean and what do you do now?

Off Grid power systems are very flexible and a suitable design can be achieved for most applications, for example: homes, holiday homes, farms, businesses and remote telecommunications sites.

Key features of an Off Grid power system are:

      • All electricity must be generated on site
      • Energy can come from several sources, determined by what is available on site
      • Consumption must be less than generation i.e. a balance between inputs and outputs
      • Energy storage (batteries) allows energy generated to be stored for use later.

Off grid diagram

At FreshEnergy, we can complete a thorough site survey, analyse your energy consumption, then design and install a system to meet your requirements.

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