We don’t suffer power cuts regardless of weather like other rural properties! Would I recommend him? Absolutely!

Kerry Ford
Kerry and Trudy purchased a rural forestry block where the only power supply was a small petrol generator, no grid connection. FreshEnergy installed a solar based off-grid system that became the primary supply, with the generator only there as back-up.

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We were prepared for an extensive day of testing but opened the tap and ‘hey presto’! We couldn’t have asked for better!

Sandy and Rosey Bristow
Sandy and Rosey Bristow built a new home near Ashley Gorge, Oxford. The house runs entirely from a small hydro system. They have been running since the end of 2011.

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Julian is really balanced and non confrontational. He’s good at providing information and guiding when needed. He’s really genuine and honest.

Steve Barkle
FreshEnergy installed a 2kWp grid tied solar system on the barn of their rural block. Steve and Lyndal have just finished building their home and had previously lived in the barn. The system will now power both house and barn.

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He’s how companies should operate, our development became his development and he wanted to make sure we were happy with it. He’s highly recommended.

Peter Aldersley
Peter and Pam live on a 90 acre block near Springfield. They built a new home and it is powered from a FreshEnergy solar powered off-grid system with generator backup. They have been running since 2010.

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Peter Aldersley Testimonial