Wind Power

Fresh Energy Wind Power

New Zealand has good wind resources, and  large wind farms continue to be developed throughout our country. Could you be harvesting the power of the wind on your property too?

A wind turbine converts wind flow firstly into rotational energy and then into electricity. Power yields from a turbine are very site specific and often the site needs to be monitored for a period of time before yield predictions can be made. As a consequence, only select areas are suitable for wind power as the single source of energy production. Is installing home wind power technology the right option for you?

Wind turbines require:

  • consistent wind i.e. high average wind speeds >5m/s
  • placement in free flowing air – no obstructions upwind  eg. trees, buildings, etc
  • regular maintenance to keep the mechanical parts working well
  • resource consents if the tower structure is above limits
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Alternative Power Sources: