Solar Water Pumping

Solar Water PumpingLet us help you keep your thirsty cows happy! If the power is not close by, use the sun to drive your water pump with a Lorentz Solar Water Pumping system.

Key features:

  • Pump driven directly from solar panels – no battery required
  • Pumps when sun is available
  • Volumes up to 70m³/h (cubic meters per hour)
  • Pump up to 350m head
  • High quality pumps – centrifugal, helical rotor and rotary vane types available
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controllers to get the most out of the solar array
  • Ideal for use where no power supply exists

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Total Dynamic Head (TDH): Static head plus friction losses.

Static head: Vertical height from the dynamic water level to the highest point of delivery.

Friction losses: Pressure losses in the pipeline as height of a water column with the equivalent pressure. Proportional to the length, diameter, surface of the pipe and the square of the flow rate.

Pump unit: Pump end and motor.

Motor cable length: Cable length from the pump unit to the controller.

PV cable length: Cable length from the controller to the PV generator (solar array).

Pipe length: Complete pipe length from the pump unit to the point of delivery.

Tilt angle: Angle between the PV generator (solar array) and the horizontal plane.