Sandy and Rosey Bristow

Sandy and Rosey built a new home near Ashley Gorge, Oxford. The house runs entirely from a small hydro system. They have been running since the end of 2011.




We had some problems initially but Julian and Stuart bent over backwards to make sure the system came up to our (theirs and mine) expectations. The plant was originally only performing at about 50% of their calculations but they found out why and remediated it.


What are the 3 biggest benefits?

  1. Immense satisfaction from not having to pay Mainpower’s estimated connection fee. Julian’s system was less than that and now all our electricity is free.
  2. During last winter’s heavy snow when all the neighbours were in the dark, we still had power.
  3. My family is more aware of ‘waste not want not’.


Would you recommend Julian and FreshEnergy?

We are very satisfied with the outcome and their service. We would recommend this alternative power source. It’s attracted a lot of interest and I’ve been in touch with many other outlets who make them but Julian and Stuart were far and away the best to deal with.


Anything else you ‘d like to add?

The maths formula said we’d get 800 w/h of electricity, but with the new turgo wheel we were getting over 1000. We had to detune it so as not to overload the ancillary equipment. We were prepared for an extensive day of testing but opened the tap and ‘hey presto’! We couldn’t have asked for better.